​Imagine being transported back in time to witness the life of the most influential person in human History - Jesus of Nazareth.


Take a journey back to the Holy Land & watch the miracles, the betrayal, & even the crucifixion of the King who came to save us. Presented by Venture Student Ministries, “This King” is the perfect way to remind yourself & your family of the true meaning of Easter. 

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Anna is a character in "this King", who helps narrate the story of Jesus. She is being voiced by Chris Landsdowne, whom you may know as the host of "Adventures in Odyssey". 


Venture Student Ministries is comprised of the youth & youth-ministry team at Apostolic Worship Center in Catoosa, Oklahoma. This is our first presentation of “This King”, & we are excited to share an intimate look at the life, death & resurrection of Jesus with the residents of Catoosa & surrounding areas! From the acting & music, down to the creation of the set & costumes- we have been pouring our hearts & souls into every aspect of this production.


Please join us, & support this group of passionate young people as they raise funds to travel to Indianapolis this summer for a powerful & life-changing conference. We hope to see you there, & thank you for your support!