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History of Apostolic Worship Center

Apostolic Worship Center begin in 1990 when Sam and Thelma Dougherty felt a tremendous burden to establish an apostolic church in the city of Catoosa, which was patterned after the book of Acts. The church was originally named Calvary United Pentecostal Church of Catoosa and was renamed in 2009 to more reflect the nature of our Spirit-filled church. The church began in a storefront rented facility on Cherokee Street and then moved to our current location in 2002, at 3501 n 225th e ave, off of old Route 66 highway. In 2015, Sam Dougherty retired from his position as Senior Pastor and Matt Garwick was elected into that same position, which he currently holds today.

Bridge Logo - Established 2022

There are so many different varieties of bridges in our world. We travel over many everyday as we drive to our jobs, school or shopping centers. Bridges are constructed with different materials, some are wooden, others are built by stone, while most today are fabricated of steel. No matter their make up, or how long, or how short the bridge is, every bridge has the same purpose. They make it possible for someone to go from one side of a chasm, to the other. From the Royal Gorge Bridge in Canon City, Colorado (tallest bridge in USA: 995 feet above the river below), to the Frankford Ave Bridge in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania ( Oldest bridge in USA: built in 1697), to the Lake Pontchartain Causway bridge in Mandeville, Louisiana ( longest bridge over water in USA: 24 miles long), they each allow you to travel over an obstacle and get you from point A to point B towards your destination. No matter the uniqueness of the bridge, every bridge fulfills the same purpose, they connect two locations that where once separated by great chasm.


God created humanity in his image and his original desire was to walk in fellowship with each person. The scripture reveals that the Lord would come down from heaven each day and walk with Adam and Eve in the cool of the day; but then sin entered into the hearts of humanity, and spiritual death immediately followed, which is being spiritually separation from God. Sin created this great chasm between the Almighty Creator and his creation. At that moment of sin, heaven and Earth were divided.


Sin created a great wall that stopped every person from entering into the presence of God. Jesus Christ is the living God who became man. He left the throne of God in heaven and willingly robbed himself in human flesh, being born in Bethlehem. Jesus Christ became the one and only mediator between God and humanity (1 Tim 2:5). We could not get to God, so God came to us. His earthly life, his sacrificial death and his resurrection power (which rose him from the dead), became the ultimate bridge that now allows us to get back to God. The blood of Jesus Christ bridges the deep chasm of sin that has kept humanity bound for so long. This is what the gospel of Jesus Christ is all about.


Jesus is reaching for you to lift you up out of you broken situation. Everything will change for you, with just one touch of Jesus Christ. His desire is to restore you back in his presence, by letting you experience that resurrection power of life, through the baptism of the Holy Ghost. Apostolic Worship Center is dedicated to applying the gospel of Jesus Christ in the lives of every person, no matter what their background is, and no matter how broken they are. As Jesus did, we are a church reaching for the lost and broken, those who are bound and imprisoned by sin.


We are here to be a spiritual bridge that will lead you from hopelessness to hope:

  • A bridge that leads you from chaos to peace,

  • A bridge that takes you from depression and darkness to joy and light,

  • A bridge that leads you from fear and propels you into faith.

We have launched our new logo: the bridge, because of our great desire is to be a bridge for you, to lead you to Jesus Christ. Metaphorically, many are standing on one side of the great chasm, bound by sin, bound by fear, broken, depressed, unhappy and being totally unfulfilled. While the God of heaven, your creator, is standing on the opposite side of the chasm. We as a church, are dedicated to becoming that bridge that takes you from point A ( spiritual death: away from God ) and gets you to point B ( Abundant life: walking in the presence of God ), by teaching you about the life, death and burial of Jesus Christ. Our ultimate goal as a church, is to get you over the great chasm of sin and onto the other side with God, so that you will make it to heaven! We are here to help you keep your eyes upon Jesus and to set your eternal destination for the kingdom of Heaven.


Apostolic Worship Center is a Oneness Pentecostal church in Catoosa, Oklahoma. We are a welcoming church that works together to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with our community. We are passionate about connecting people to their God-given calling and purpose.  


3501 225th E Ave Catoosa, OK 74015 ​

Tel: (918) 266-6413



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