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The Love of the Potter

This old vessel cracked and worn

Holds a heart broken and torn

Fearfully, wonderfully, hand

crafted and whole

But Life had mishandled it

So it fell to the floor

As it lay shattered

The vessel was broken

By rejection, rough handling &

painful words spoken

The music was fading, quickly

growing dim

Although the heart was still

beating, the chances were slim

The Potter arrived not a moment too soon

He put that heart in his hands

He saw every wound

It once played a hearts melody sweet

Now it was silent, barely able to beat

He had to admit the damage was bad

A heart without music was terribly sad

But first thing was first that vessel was shattered

There on the floor all broken & scattered

With gentle hands each piece He collected

The big ones, the small ones, not one was rejected

Carefully giving heed to every tiny part

Never forgetting the quietness of the heart

As He worked His smile did grow

He could see progress beginning to show

Taking His time, not wishing to rush

He enjoyed restoring this thing that was crushed

He gave loving attention from the start

Mending that vessel back into a work of art

Now all that was left was tending the heart

A heart barely beating and void of song

The damage done was terribly wrong

He said Now I will change it

I will make it new

It will be cleaned and soft as morning dew

No more like stone and easily broken

This promise I give will be as a token

I will bind up these wounds

Peace will abound and new joy awoken

Every Melody restored

This have I spoken

When His work was complete

The Potter admired His vessel

Noting how the weakness, cracks, and imperfections somehow made it special

That’s what His fingerprints do

They fix. They restore. They make everything new.

What was once dying now has life

Life abundantly too

So be of courage If your vessel is broken

Or your heart is abused

Wounded by life and lacking melody too

Hold on for a moment, The Potter will come

When He is finished you’ll no longer feel numb

The song will come back, your heartbeat will grow

Your vessel He’ll mend making it whole

There is hope for you yet, despite how it seems

There’s purpose in the breaking, always something to gleam

The potter loves your vessel, even cracked and worn

and He’ll hold your heart, broken and torn


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